Who we are

We are a biotechnology company offering solutions to the purification of bioentities from biosamples. We offer custom separation services, lyophilized separated extracellular vesicles (EVs) from various sources, as well as devices for fast separation of EVs at the customers facility. Our customers are biopharmaceutical companies, research labs at universities, hospitals, and Veterinary facilities, and scientist performing research in the field of nanoparticles. With our innovative bioseparation technology, separation of nanometric entities from the source fluids made easy, and can be operated anywhere, by anyone.ย 

The technology for rapid EVs separation is published in Advanced materials.

“Dr. Vadim Krivitsky Receives Young Investigator Award!
Skintegrity.CH proudly presents the Young Investigator Award to Dr. Vadim Krivitsky in recognition of his groundbreaking research on the ultrafast purification of extracellular vesicles.” – 16/01/2024

Dr. Vadim Krivitsky

CTO at Acytronix

1 Commercially Available Product
5 Licensed out of 12 patents

Bridge PoC funding for the development of an Ultra-fast Microstructured Electrochemical device for separation of Exosomes From Physiological Fluids

Dr. Adva Krivitsky

CEO of Acytronix

Bridge Poc Fellow
2 patents 20+ publications 700+ citations

Acytronix are granted initial coaching program by Innosuisse